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Hello beautiful world out there 🌻
Many of us already know that meditation is beneficial, but we maybe struggle to build a regular meditation practice – or at least it happens often to me with all the stuff happening every day, long to do lists and just every day life.
Maybe we try to meditate once and don’t see any immediate results so we give up. Or maybe we simply can’t find the time in our busy day to fit it in. Some don’t even know how and where to start.

Let me share a few tips to help to establish a steady meditation practice and routine:


Consistency is a main key

To gain stronger muscles, we have to exercise them repetitively and consistently. Thats why people go to the gym or follow their training at home. The same goes for meditation.

In order to train our brain and transform our mind, we have to practice resetting the habitual patterns of feeling and thinking that sometimes do not serve us.
Choose a time in your day to dedicate to your mental and emotional health to do meditation practice.
Just 10 minutes a day to start with is already great. Try to do this every day at around the same time so that it will become like a natural habit in your daily life.
Insight Timer is really a cool programme and app. Also it helps to keep track of your meditation practice.

Create yourself a meditation space with love to help finding your meditation routine

When you step into your space in your van/tent/flat/house that you associate with meditation this physical space will be a visual reminder and will help you to get into the right meditation mindset.
Set up your meditation space with things that are meaningful to you.
You might use candles, incense, quartzes, a cushion, meditation pillow to sit on, a shawl or blanket to wrap around you, mala beads, an image or quote of your guru/divine, etc…

Ohm Sign

Choose a time of the day to meditate and establish this routine

Our energy levels fluctuate during the day, and so do the thoughts running through our heads. Choose a time when you have a decent amount of energy and when your mind is most naturally clear.
Did you ever consider to meditate in the morning when your mind is still fresh and clear ? Maybe give it a try. Once it is done, it is done and you can kick off into the day.

What about incorporating essential oils into your meditation routine?

Allow yourself the treat of incorporating essential oils. They have an incredible impact on mood and energy levels.
When feeling down, a citrus oil (grapefruit, orange, lemon) will elevate your mood. When feeling stressed out, a woody oil (pine, cedarwood, sandalwood) will ground you.
When feeling tired, a mint oil (peppermint) will energise you.
You can either apply them to the skin or use a diffuser.


Find a teacher/community/app to establish your meditation routine

Maintaining any practice on your own can be challenging.

I invite you to check my files, that I am sharing with you. You will find different meditation sessions and more.

And you can contact me if you want to book a private session.

And don’t forget, you can meditate from anywhere.
Either there is signal or not.
If you can’t meditate without guidance, download yourself some files when you have signal so you can then listen to them.
Wishing you a beautiful journey ahead 💟
Ellen 📿☮️🧘🏼‍♀️

Meditation at Brandberg Namibia

P.S.: If you want to know (more) about Vipassana, you might enjoy this post. 


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