Fear is a basic human emotion that is triggered by a perceived threat or danger. It is a natural response that helps us to survive by triggering a “fight or flight” response that prepares us to either face the danger or flee from it.

Fear can be a useful emotion that helps us to avoid harm, but it can also be debilitating and hold us back from reaching our full potential.

Fear can be experienced in different degrees of intensity, ranging from mild anxiety to extreme terror, depending on the situation and the individual’s perception of the threat.

Some common fears include fear of failure, fear of rejection, fear of the unknown, fear of heights, fear of spiders, and fear of death.


Don’t you dare let fear stop you one more day !

Looking for a solution with If you know what you want, don’t you dare let fear rob you of going for it.

What’s the worst that gonna happen ?

That you gonna go for your dream and its not gonna be that great as you thought ? That you gonna go for your dream and it does not work out and so you have to come back to this job?

Are you kidding me?

Knowing what you want mean you are already ahead of the game.

That’s half of the battle.

Its just knowing what you want in your heart.

So if you are already there, you know you want to travel. You know you want to be a doctor. You know you want to be a coach. You want to be a singer songwriter. You want to paint for a living. You want to take people on a dive trip. 

If you already got that, the only thing you need to do is go !

Don’t you dare let fear stop you one more day.

You are wasting your life if you are not going for the thing that you know in your heart you need to do.

Inspired by Mel Robbins



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Mel Robbins is a motivational speaker, author, and life coach who has spoken extensively on the topic of fear. In her book, “The 5 Second Rule: Transform Your Life, Work, and Confidence with Everyday Courage,” she offers several insights and strategies for overcoming fear.

One of Robbins’ main messages is that fear is a natural and necessary emotion that helps us to stay safe and avoid danger. However, fear can also hold us back from achieving our goals and living our best lives. To overcome fear, Robbins suggests using the “5-second rule,” which involves counting down from 5 to 1 and taking action before your mind can talk you out of it. This simple technique can help you to break the cycle of fear and take action towards your goals.

Robbins also encourages people to reframe their thinking about fear. Rather than seeing fear as a negative emotion to be avoided, she suggests that we embrace it as a natural part of the growth process. By acknowledging and confronting our fears, we can learn to overcome them and become more resilient and confident.

Overall, Robbins’ message about fear is one of empowerment and encouragement. She believes that by taking small, courageous steps towards our goals, we can overcome fear and achieve our dreams.

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Some info about Mel Robbins

Mel Robbins is a motivational speaker, author, and life coach who has gained widespread recognition for her insights and strategies on personal development, productivity, and success. She is known for her straightforward, no-nonsense approach to self-improvement, which has resonated with millions of people around the world.

In addition to the 5 Second Rule, Mel Robbins is also known for her expertise in areas such as leadership, communication, and productivity. She has authored several books, including “The 5 Second Rule,” “Take Control of Your Life,” and “Stop Saying You’re Fine,” and has been a sought-after keynote speaker at conferences and events around the world.

Mel Robbins is a highly respected figure in the world of personal development and has inspired millions of people to take action, overcome their fears, and live their best lives.


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