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As you can imagine I do meet lots of people during my travels. Some are very needy others are supporting and helping. There are lots of NGO’s out there and sometimes I wonder how things would have worked out in different areas without the support of certain NGO’s, donors and all sorts of supporting wonderful souls.

Over the years I started to support mainly three projects of which one is still being in the process of starting.



If you are able to share some funds I will make sure each and every Euro/USD/Rand etc. will be used in a very good way.

You can either use the provided QR- Code OR which would be even better to avoid any paypal transaction fee if you can send it directly to my charity account on paypal – please send it “for friends and family” for no deduction of any paypal fee to


And please add the name of the charity project you want me to use your donation for.

Paypal Charity QR-Code


Any contribution is highly appreciated <3


Charity - Thank you
Charity – Thank you



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