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Make 2023 be your year .. a new start into a new way of life.

As 2022 now comes to an end, it is a good time to reflect, make some new choices, manifest new goals, survey at which point you are standing at the moment, commit to something new & bigger and get ready for a nice kick off!

At a certain point, you have to get over your own bullshit.

You have to get tired of your addiction to suffering with the same tired story you have been already repeating for years.

You have to stop blaming your challenges on others, or your circumstances in life.

Your challenges exist to help you grow, not to keep you down.

You are only a victim to your own mental limitations.

Once you recognize your challenges, it’s good to emotionally process the anger, sadness, and fear. But at a certain point, lingering in self-pity by pointing the finger externally only hurts yourself by neglecting self-responsibility.

People say “trust your feelings” and “go with the flow”, but this isn’t always good advice. Would you tell an alcoholic to “trust their feelings” when they become violent when drinking but keep on drinking? Of course not.

You have to accept that you are addicted to lying to yourself, imagining you can see reality clearly, and trust your own thinking 100%.

Depending on how quickly you want to turn your life around, you may need to subject yourself to a “spiritual maturity bootcamp”. Sometimes self-love is a swift kick in the ass.

  • You may need to post reminders on your walls, fridge or mirrors.
  • You may need to use your smartphone for notifications to stay on the path.
  • You may need to set your alarm to 7 am each day, with a schedule of priorities you want to achieve.
  • You may need to recruit the help of a friend or life coach.
  • You may need to sell all your belongings and change your life entirely because you have too many distractions surrounding you.
  • You may need to go for more walks or start walking.
  • You may need to start doing some yoga to reconnect with your body & soul.

Don’t be afraid to set fire to your life.

It’s better to burn in a blaze of intensity and make a few “mistakes” than slowly simmer your life away in the pitiful embers of apathy and regret.

Speak to your friends & family or join a tribe of like minded people if you do have the feeling it all sounds too much. Look for a accountability buddy to stay on track and stick to your commitment. Surround yourself with positive people that also want to grow. Sometimes it is necessary to take a turn, sometimes someones stays behind at the train station and new people share your compartment.

No matter what happens … get ready for 2023 🎠🎆

Sending lots of love and light



What is Yoga and why should I practice it?

What is Yoga and why should I practice it?

P.S. Inspired by sageword.

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