1. Start getting off your but(t)
Get off your BUTT and live!
Get out there, go for a walk or a hike, explore, connect with people, connect with nature, start painting, create some piece of art, visit a museum, read a book, cook your favorite meal instead of ordering a takeaway or whatever. Get into action and stop saying “BUT”.
So many times people block the flow of their life and the opportunities it gives by thinking “but this”, “but that”.
Stop making excuses and start moving.
So even if it might feel you have to force yourself to get off your butt, just getting into action initiates a flow of energy.
2. Sit on your butt  
Every day take some time to sit still as well.
Take some deep breaths and just observe however you feel.
Through some calming breathing techniques, you will be able to calm your restless ever-seeking-happiness-and-avoiding-suffering-mind.
Learn to sit with yourself and get comfortable with ‘yourself’. Happiness will follow instead of just trying to be happy.

3. Do good and be kind

Life is not just about YOU. When you only focus on your own happiness, you will automatically also only focus on your own problems, you will isolate yourself and feel disconnected and unfulfilled.

When you start helping others, giving to charity, and being kind to others, it gives a great sense of fulfillment. Also, very importantly, your focus on your own problems will shift, and all of the sudden you will see that your own drama is not the center of this universe.
Doing good to others is essential for a fulfilled and joyful life.
Just like brushing your teeth, taking care of your mind and body has to become a daily practice for you. 
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