Mini Vipassana Retreat April 2024 Windhoek Namibia


Silence, Meditation, Mindfulness and Happiness Retreat

18 to 22 April 2024 / Windhoek / Namibia


Transform 2024 into an extraordinary year The retreat aims to provide a serene and peaceful environment for self-reflection, allowing calmness and clarity to naturally emerge, and experiencing the soothing impact of silence in a picturesque setting (referred to as noble silence). Through these days and a range of activities, reconnect with your core essence.

This retreat offers a chance to delve into two key elements of meditation: The gradual cultivation of tranquility and serenity in our minds, along with practicing mindfulness to embrace greater clarity and focus in the present moment. By establishing this foundation of calmness, we become better equipped to approach our thoughts and emotions with acceptance and compassion, leading to a deeper insight into the workings of our minds.

You will be also able to dedicate some time to yourself and experience a getaway from the tempo and craziness of our daily life challenges. This is a chance to experience a 2.5 days mini Vipassana which is a unique opportunity as such retreats are otherwise often only possible for a longer period of time (10 days). In this way, beginners and busy people also have the opportunity to get to know this form of silence.



Don’t miss the chance to explore the benefits of noble silence and meditation Engage in daily meditation sessions of various types and mindful stretching exercises Participate in different mindful activities such as mindful walking, barefoot walks, meditation, conscious breathing, forest bathing (shinrin yoku), and more Join the fire ceremony, a circle of kindness, and a sharing circle Enjoy a 4-night stay in fully equipped individual tents, with no tent sharing Options available for room upgrades Indulge in lovingly prepared vegetarian and healthy meals Treat yourself to smoothies, fresh juices, and homemade kombucha Suitable for both beginners and advanced practitioners No specific meditation practice or experience necessary

Good To Know

Kindly review the schedule to stay updated on planned activities. Consider this a chance to participate. Remember, all activities are voluntary. Please maintain noble silence at all times between start and end of noble silence. The retreat is not connected to any kind of religion and/or associated with a central teaching figure, guru or similar. We are open to everyone.

No meditation practice or prior experience needed.


Mini Vipassana Namibia Day 1
Mini Vipassana Namibia Day 1
Mini Vipassana Namibia Day 2
Mini Vipassana Namibia Day 2
Mini Vipassana Namibia Day 3
Mini Vipassana Namibia Day 3
Mini Vipassana Namibia Day 4
Mini Vipassana Namibia Day 4
Mini Vipassana Namibia Day 5
Mini Vipassana Namibia Day 5


Noble Silence serves as a powerful tool for deepening meditation practice, fostering inner peace, and creating a space for profound spiritual growth and insight.

Noble Silence, also known as “mauna” in some traditions, is a practice commonly observed in meditation retreats. It involves maintaining silence, both outwardly and inwardly, for an extended period of time. This silence is considered “noble” because it cultivates an environment of deep introspection, mindfulness, and reverence for oneself and others. At our meditation retreat, Noble Silence entails refraining from unnecessary speech, including conversation with fellow participants, as well as non-verbal communication such as gestures or written notes. The aim is to minimize distractions and external stimuli, allowing participants to turn their attention inward and deepen your meditation practice & experience. Inner Reflection: Noble Silence provides an opportunity for deep introspection and self-reflection. By refraining from external chatter, participants can observe their thoughts, emotions, and inner experiences more clearly.



We will be staying at Arebbusch Lodge in Windhoek. We meet at the venue, and if needed, we can organize a shuttle in Windhoek or offer directions.

You stay in a with a campbed, mattress and sheet equipped dome tent. Let us know if you would like to upgrade to a room – options depend on availability. Bring your own bedding for coziness or ask us for a sleeping bag and pillow.

Couples cannot share a tent – you will need to stay separate to be able to maintain noble silence more easily.


All our food is made with love. We do use local ingredients as much as possible. We provide 3 vegetarian meals per day. If you are worried you won’t survive having meat, talk to us – we make a plan 😀

Vipassana Namibia food



Please let us know about any physical complications, allergies, specific anti-depressants, medications that limit coffee, tea, nuts, sugar, gluten consumption, pregnancy, or breastfeeding. If there are other medical conditions or mental health issues you think we should know about, please email us. Before joining the retreat, consult your doctor if you have any concerns.


Dress in a way that brings you comfort – choose outfits that make you feel connected to yourself and beautiful, or clothes that symbolize LOVE, JOY, HAPPINESS & CONNECTION to you.

Investment / Cost Mini Vipassana

There is limited space for booking. A payment is required to reserve your spot. Payment plans are an option. A 10% discount is offered to BIPOC individuals, returning retreat participants, and Camino hikers.

5 Day Retreat: Thursday to Monday, 4 nights 5 days accommodation single tent, 3 meals a day, activities accordingly to the itinerary, gift to take home. N$ 7 000

2 Day Silence only Retreat: Friday & Saturday, 2 days 1 night, 3 meals a day, accommodation single tent, activities accordingly to the itinerary, gift to take home. N$ 5 000


  • Start your day with gentle conscious stretching or a meditation session.
  • Engage in daily meditation and mindfulness exercises.
  • Enjoy a nature walk with forest bathing and a barefoot stroll.
  • Wind down with evening meditations, fire ceremonies, and stargazing.
  • Utilize the open-air Yoga & Meditation Shala with 24-hour access.
  • Access a variety of books and coloring materials.
  • Stay in comfortable camping accommodation with individual tents.
  • Indulge in three daily nutritious vegetarian meals (with vegan and gluten-free options) and tea-time treats.
  • Treat yourself to smoothies, freshly-pressed juices, and filtered water.
  • Daily specials such as lemon water, ginger water, chai tea, or homemade kombucha.
  • Refresh with a selection of water, tea, and coffee throughout the day, including various teas, coffees, and milk options.
  • Receive a handmade gift to take home as a souvenir.

Info and booking via whats app +264 81 2331833 or or






Feel free to reach out to us for a 15-minute orientation chat to explore whether this retreat aligns with your needs and expectations. Alternatively, we can help you set up a payment plan that suits your requirements.



Please contact us for any further questions.

email: or

whats app: +264 81 2331833


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HOSTS & FACILITATOR: The retreat is hosted by Ellen Horlebein, certified Mindfulness Coach (MSBR), Shinrin Yoku Coach, Yin Yoga Teacher, Laughter Yoga Teacher, Red Tent Facilitator, Women Wellness Yoga Teacher (in training) , Mindfulness Based Cancer Recovery Facilitator (MBCR) (in Training) and supported by Wild Cherry Adventures


Tree at Fish River Canyon Namibia

April 2024  – silence, meditation, mindfulness & happiness retreat.



What can I expect in a silent retreat? What does noble silence mean?

During our silent retreat, you’ll immerse yourself in a serene environment designed to foster introspection and inner peace. “Noble silence” is a practice where participants refrain from verbal and non-verbal communication with each other throughout the duration of the retreat. This includes gestures, sign language, and written notes. Our facilitators will guide you through various activities while maintaining silence. While interactions with fellow participants are limited, you’re welcome to speak with the teacher or facilitator when necessary.

Additionally, our team members are available to assist with any practical concerns related to food, accommodation, or health, although we encourage minimizing such interactions.

Most of your time will be spent meditating, engaging in silent activities, and taking necessary breaks for rest, meals, and sleep.

On the second last day, you’ll have the opportunity for “noble chatting”, connecting with others who are also concluding their retreat experience.

Meditation – what to expect?

Meditation is a powerful practice aimed at cultivating mental clarity and inner harmony by directing and focusing the mind. Throughout the retreat, you’ll explore various meditation techniques tailored to enhance your awareness and promote calmness. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to meditation, and our retreat offers a range of guided meditations to suit different preferences. These sessions may include guided imagery for mental clarity, mindfulness of sensations, breath-focused techniques for relaxation, body scan exercises, cultivating self-compassion, stress relief practices, and methods for managing anxious thoughts. Each meditation serves as a tool to help you navigate your inner landscape and discover what resonates best with you.


Myself happy at Dhamma Pataka Vipassana Meditation Center Worcester in South Africa
Myself happy at Dhamma Pataka Vipassana Meditation Center Worcester in South Africa