Do not litter. Please think about what you really need to take and remove all packaging before you travel, the less rubbish left behind the better. Waste disposal can be especially difficult in remote areas and recycling is often not possible.

Water supplies are scarce in many destinations – use water sparingly.

Respect the environment and respect local cultures. It is also a good idea to familiarise yourself with the local culture, politics, beliefs and etiquette.

Do not interfere with the wildlife and habitat by going you too close to animals at sightings, do not depart from the usual track, travel off road, picking flowers or plants, making noises to attract or frighten the wildlife.

Be as quiet as you can at all times and do not be afraid of the animals. Even the biggest will move quietly away if given the space and opportunity.

Do not buy, or trade for any articles, which are covered under the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) including ivory, turtle products, rhino horn, furs, butterflies and plant species.

Buy locally crafted souvenirs and if bartering over the price don’t drive too hard a bargain. An amount which may be fairly insignificant to you, can represent a lot more to others.

Do not give any gifts, even sweets, directly to children you may pass on the street as it encourages begging and may also undermine parental authority. Some parents even encourage kids to beg – do not support this. It is more appropriate to give through a local organisation. Check out on charity that gets supported from mypinkbumper.

Be courteous and ask before you take a photograph of someone as many people do not like having their picture taken. If they ask you to pay then I would discourage you from taking the picture.

Be as unobtrusive as possible. Wear the correct coloured clothing whilst being out in the bush. Avoid dressing or acting in a way which might cause offence to local residents.

Wish you safe & happy travels <3

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