Mini Vipassana Jan 2022

Silence, Meditation, Mindfulness and Happiness Retreat – your mini vipassana

Let’s end the year 2021 and start off into 2022 with this very unique retreat and do something nice for yourself.

The retreat will create a gentle and relaxed space in which to explore the benefits of spending time quietly with yourself, to allow the qualities of calmness and clarity to develop in a natural way and to enjoy the nurturing effect of being silent in a beautiful environment (noble silence). Those days and the various exercises will bring you back to your roots.

This retreat will also provide an opportunity to explore two aspects of meditation practice – the gradual development of calmness and peacefulness in our mind; and the practise of awareness, in order to live with more clarity and more centredness in the present moment. This foundation of calmness helps us to meet our confused thoughts and emotions with more acceptance and kindness and leads to a deeper understanding of the nature of our minds.

You will be also able to dedicate some time to yourself and experience a getaway from the tempo and craziness of our daily life challenges.

This is a chance to experience a 2.5 days mini Vipassana which is a unique opportunity as such retreats are otherwise often only possible for a longer period of time. In this way, beginners and busy people also have the opportunity to get to know this form of silence.

This retreat is the perfect opportunity to reconnect with your soul & yourself and experience what our life & our home Namibia is all about.


  • Unique opportunity to experience the benefits of noble silence and meditation
  • Daily meditation (different types) and yoga sessions
  • Different mindful activities like mindful walking, barefoot walk, mindful meditation, shinrin yoku/ forest bathing etc
  • Guided mindfulness wilderness walk in the khan river
  • Professional guide included for all activities
  • 2 fire ceremonies
  • Energy power circle ceremony
  • 4 nights accommodation (glamping)
  • Vegetarian & healthy meals that incorporates locally grown products
  • Smoothies and fresh juices
  • Suitable also for yoga beginners
  • No specific mediation practice or experience required

Check out the schedule to see what will happen. Please understand it as an invitation to join. All activities are optional.

Day 1

arrival at the retreat location between 15.00 to 16.30

17.00 briefing and short introduction

18.00 start of the noble silence

dinner & rest 18.00 to 19.30

guided meditation 19.30 to 20.15

rest / read / meditate on your own/ study / sleep

Day 2

morning meditation (guided) 7.00 to 7.45

breakfast & rest 8.00  to 9.30

09.30 to 12.00 mindful walk and mindful exercises (guided)

lunch & rest 12.30 to 14.00

14.00 to 15.00 meditation (semi guided) – mala beads and music

15.00 to 15.30 tea break

15.30 to 16.30 Yin Yoga (guided)

17.00 to 17.30 walking meditation (guided)

17.30 to 18.30 reflect, journaling, read, study, meditate on our own etc

dinner 18.30 to 19.30

19.30 to 20.20 meditation (guided)

20.30 to 21.00 Yoga Nidra (guided)

rest / read / study / sleep

Day 3

Yin Yoga 7.00 to 8.00 (guided)

breakfast & rest 8.00 – 9.30

Shinrin Yoku / Forest Bathing (incl. barefoot walk) 9.30 to 12.30 (guided)

lunch & rest 12.30 to 14.30

guided meditation 14.30 to 15.00

15.00 to 15.30 tea break

silent meditation 15.30 to 16.00 (semi guided)

rest / read / study 16.00 to 18.30

dinner 18.30 to 19.30

fire ceremony part 1 19.30 to 21.30 (guided)

Day 4

meditation (non guided with music) 7.00 to 8.00

breakfast & rest 8.00  – 9.30

end of noble silence & noble chat part 1 9.30 to 12.00

Laughter Yoga 12.00 to 12.30 (guided)

lunch & rest 12.30 to 14.00

mindful walk & noble chat part 2  14.00 to 17.00 (incl. tea break at 15.30) (guided)

Yin Yoga & Yoda Nidra 17.00 to 18.30 (guided)

dinner 18.30 to 19.30

fire ceremony part 2 & noble chat part 3 19.30 to 21.30 (guided)

Day 5

circle of energy ceremony 05.30 – 07.30 (guided)

breakfast 8.00 – 9.00

packing & good bye

Due to operational, weather or group requirements, the itinerary might still change.


Please understand the schedule as an offer to participate. You are more than welcome to skip certain activities if you are not comfortable with anything. But please keep on maintaining the noble silence as long as it is on.

You are welcome to join as a couple or as friends. But remember: please maintain noble silence until we start talking again.

We offer vegetarian food. If you can’t live without meat, please bring some supply. However we do encourage you – maybe for a change – to be meat-free for the time of the retreat. Otherwise we can store it for you, provide a fire / pan and prepare it for you. The vegetarian food will be plenty, yummy and filling .. you will not starve 🙂

We do provide a range of different smoothies and juices. There will be a blender and a juicer on site. If you want to add specific ingredients like ashwagandha, turmeric, moringa etc. feel free to bring your own.

We kindly ask you to smoke only in the designated area.

We do not serve any alcohol. If you don’t want to be without your drink, please bring some supply. We can keep it cool for you.

We will keep your cellphones during the period of noble silence. There is no signal at our retreat venue anyway but our phones can keep us busy even if they don’t connect with the network. We will take some pictures during this time of being phoneless that we will share with you afterwards.

We will hand back the phones on day 4 after our lunch break – keep in mind that there is no signal. You will be able to get signal only on day 5 when leaving the venue at the main road.

We will have a table with books to read and browse for the time of our retreat – feel free to contribute any book that might be interesting for others. Please put your name/sticker into the book to avoid confusion.

There will also be the opportunity to make use of templates from the colouring book and pencils. Feel free to bring any other item to use during rest / read / study periods.

You might have never heard of forest bathing (Shinrin Yoku) before – don’t worry. We are not running naked through the bush 🙂

Your tent will be equipped with a camp bed, mattress, pillow and sleeping bag/blanket – if you feel more comfortable with your own bedding feel free to bring it.

The retreat is not connected to any kind of religion and/or associated with a central teaching figure, guru or similar.

Please contact us for any further questions. Whats app +27725322447 or via phone +264816807413



Comfortable clothes (no specific dresscode)

Comfy shoes for a walk in the river bed and the area around

Sun Protection (hat, sun block etc.)

Bring your face mask (not talking about the covid one), foot bath, hair dying color or whatsoever. You will find time to treat yourself nicely

Swimming costume (there is a swimming pool) and extra towel

Extra blankets/shawls, pillows, cushions for a comfy seat for meditation and to keep warm & cozy (also for early morning and evening sits)

Meditation mat / carpet (for those who want to lie down) (there are chairs for those who want to sit in a chair during sits)

Meditation mala beads (if you have) (we do have some to borrow and/or purchase)

Yoga mat (can be also used for meditation) (yoga mat can be organised if you don’t have one – please let us know in advance)

Ground cover if you do not want to put your mat onto the soil/sand

Any yoga props if you do have and like for bolstering for a yin yoga session

Torch / head lamp (that lasts for 4 evenings/nights) (can be charged during the day when there is power)

Candle and/or incense as an offering to mother nature

Journal and pen for question prompts & reflections and journaling

Book(s) if you want to read and/or to share them with others to read during the period of the retreat


For the fire ceremonies:

Two items that you want to burn – any item or symbol that stands for anything you’ve been piling up this year or earlier and you want to close this chapter (a photo, your office shoes, your wedding dress, your diary, a print out of a whats app/email conversation etc.).

Circle of energy ceremony:

A charm/luck bringer/sacred object to be blessed (to take home after)  – any item or symbol that you will take back home (again).  If you don’t bring one or can’t find something we will find you a small rock / branch / pod etc.

Before the retreat starts please send us your two favourite songs as mp3 that we can play for you during the fire ceremony and the circle of energy ceremony. If you prefer it without a specific song it’s also fine.



We will spend our time at Moon Valley Camp, 45 km outside of Swakopmund at the confluence of the Swakop and Khan River.

S 22°42.025′, E 14°54.431′

There is no 4×4 required to get to the retreat. We will meet at the venue.

If necessary we can arrange a shuttle and/or provide directions.



Please let us know if you have any physical complications or allergies, if you are taking any anti-depressants (which kind), if you are on any medication that advises against the intake of coffee, tea, nuts, sugar, gluten etc., if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

If there are any other medical conditions, physical or mental health concerns which you feel we should know, please email.



We do use cleaning chemicals that are effective against the corona virus.
Bedding washed in line with local authority guidelines.
Tents are getting disinfected beforehand.
Our accommodation partner follows the guidelines of local authorities.
Equipment for activities is disinfected before and/or after use.



Physical distancing is maintained and instructors/teachers/guides maintain a distance from the participants at all times if possible.
Activities take place outside where possible.



Staff follow all safety protocols as directed by the Namibian Government
Hand sanitizer available
First aid kit available
Protective masks are available for all staff
Protective masks available for all participants



Please dress for comfort – wear what makes you feel connected to yourself and beautiful, or anything that represents LOVE, JOY & CONNECTION to you.



03. to 07. Jan 2022



for Namibians #LocalIsLekkerRate: N$ 6.000 per person – single tent per person (to maintain noble silence more easy)

Minimum of 5 participants required, but limited space available


Rates includes:

4 Nights Glamping (fully equipped tent with camping bed and mattress, pillow & sleeping bag or blanket) (or bring your own bedding)

All smoothies, juices and meals included (vegetarian food)

Coffee, chai tea & tea, water

Yoga, meditation, mindful & nature activities and more like fire circle, energy power circle (check the itinerary)

Handmade yoga eye pillow (to take home afterwards)

Necessary permits


Transport to the retreat (but can be arranged for an additional cost of 200 each way from Swakopmund f.e.)

Travel insurance

Sparkling beverages / drinks (bring your own if necessary)


Items of personal nature



2 days of noble silence (day 2 and day 3) N$ 5.000 per person (1 night and meals incl.) Arrive at 6.30 AM on day 2 and leave on day 3 after the fire ceremony (around 9 PM).



The retreat is hosted by Ellen Horlebein (certified Yin Yoga Teacher, Laughter Yoga Teacher, Mindfulness Coach &  Shinrin Yoku Coach and Hiking Guide) and supported by Wild Cherry Adventures & chadmanwalking.


Please contact me via whats app  +27 (72) 5322447, via phone +264 (81) 6807413 or via email under

Because of network coverage in Namibia it might take a while until I can get back to you. The easiest is a whats app, so you can see when I was online.

Namaste and love


Download the whole flyer here:

Silence, Meditation, Mindfulness and Happiness Retreat 2022




Om Shanti ❤️

See you on the cushion/mat.


Ellen Horlebein
Ellen Horlebein